Veeam – TapeJob Failed to call RPC function „Load Medium“

One of our customers told me about some serious problems with his tape backup jobs.
Some of them are failing with the above error-message.

Also the error messages appeared on different tape types. (LTO6 and LTO8). On demand the customer told me that he installed an additional LTO6-Drive in his library, to restore old tapes to new ones.

And thats the point – cause this configuration is not supported by Veeam –> Supported Devices and Configuration:
Veeam Backup & Replication tried to read LTO-8 tapes with the LTO-6 drive, which is just not possible.

Veeam Backup & Replication supports Linear Tape-Open tape libraries starting from generation 3 (LTO3) or later:

  • Physical libraries, standalone drives and virtual tape libraries.
  • Partitions of the physical or virtual tape libraries presented to the Veeam backup server.

Within a library partition, only one generation of LTO drives are supported.


You can either split up the library into two logical libraries were the LTO-8 drive can only access LTO-8 tapes, and LTO-6 drives only can access LTO-6 drives, or you just disable one of the drives in Veeam Software.

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