Change Regional and Time Settings on all SharePoint Sites

I had some customer requests for changing time zone, regional settings, and calender options for all SharePoint-Online Sites.

I already found some scripts online, also the script from Arleta at technet.
Unfortunatly the powershell-script doesn´t contain all the lines needed, so i´ve updated it.

The following script is going to update the time zone, all regional settings including calendar-options on ALL SharePoint-Online Sites. Also gives full access on every SP-Site in the specified Office365-Tenant. Additional the script sets the default-regional settings on all newly created SP-Sites.




Enter the correct data, and specify the correct variables in the following lines:

$AdminPassword=Read-Host -Prompt "Password" -AsSecureString
$creds=New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential($Username,$AdminPassword)
Connect-SPOService -Credential $creds

$TimeZoneID=4                     # list of time zones:
$LocaleId=1031                    # list of localeIDs:
$WorkDayStartHour=480             # list of WorkDayStartHours:
$WorkDayEndHour=1020              # list of WorkDayEndHours:
$FirstDayOfWeek=1                 # list of FirstDayofWeek:
$Time24=$True                     # true or false
$CalendarType=1                   # list of CalendarType:
$AlternateCalendarType=0          # None alternative calendar
$WorkDays=62                      # list of WorkDays:



To check if the script worked, you can verify the time zones using Get all time zones from a site in SharePoint Online script from Arleta.

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